Therefore, you should get married

“In terms of what you wrote I answer: Although it is best for a man not to touch a woman. But to avoid fornication sins, each man should have his wife and every woman her husband.” (1 Corinthians 7:1-2).

In terms of what you wrote

Paul answers here on an issue that they had put in a letter to him. We do not know exactly what they asked for, but it was about marriage and about six. Paul writes that although it is best for a man not to touch a woman, d.v.s. not to have sex with her. What did he really? Continue reading

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“We wait six to wedding”

"Vi väntar med sex till bröllopet", skriver Dagen.

Gladys del Pilar to marry Chris Bergh the day we read that they should wait six to wedding.

This is known as a good role model for many people. Moreover, it shows that faith provides strength and authenticity. Jesus affects every area of ​​life.

More about Gladys del Pilar

Sambo, sex and marriage


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LGBTQ people feel bad

Statistics from National Institute of Public Health reveals that LGBTQ people feel worse and smokes, Drinking and drugs are usually more often than heterosexuals.

In another study by the Public Health Institute it appears to double up to a threefold increase in risk for impaired psychological well-being, stress,severe anxiety, anxiety and thoughts of suicide among LGBTQ people.

Want to feel good? Then you need to repent to Jesus. Then you will be saved and forgiven. The result is that you will feel much better and have a good welfare.

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The attacks on marriages – Of 2 – Holger Nilsson

There are several ways for the enemy of God to destroy it by God instituted marriage, one is to produce a distorted picture of the.

Marriage and marriage is something that happens between man and woman. It has been the natural and obvious in various cultures throughout the millennia, but this principle has only a few years made if no. This can be seen as a sign of the times.

Since God has ordained marriage between a man and woman, a change in this indirectly be seen as a rejection and rebellion against Him. So it is something that will have consequences, it does not change a divine regulation without leading to consequences.

There is only one exception testified in history, where marriage meant a same-sex association. In the Babylonian Talmud contains information about this.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero says that the information in the Talmudic texts, shows that "before the Flood, began to write marriage contracts between men ".

The time at which this occurred was thus before the flood of Noah's day. When they had thus ruined the first institution created by God, namely the union of man and woman.

It was an attack on what God had created. It is therefore entirely due to plenty of biblical testimony of that time is as follows:

"God looked upon the earth, and see, it was corrupt, because all humans lived in destruction of the earth. " 1 Genesis. 6:12.

Time Character

This was in Noah's day and this Jesus says that there shall be at His return:

"But as the days of Noah, so shall also the Son of man coming. As people lived day by the river: they ate and drank, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,and they knew nothing, until the flood came and snatched them all away – so shall the coming of the Son to be. " Matt. 24:37-39.

Jesus then compares the time when Noah lived, with time when He will return. There is a unique similarity between these times and that is that it is the only time that same-sex relationships legitimized!

It is happening now is a great time signs of Jesus' return can occur anytime. In connection with this, a judgment on the world and it is high time to repent for those who want to be saved!

Another way to pervert marriage as God ordained is to live as a partner. , it is important to keep this clear to the.

There are additional areas that need to be mentioned in this context. . A new expression "hen", has been launched, to replace "he" and "she".

Never accept this idea and this confused expression, for the two sexes as God created man in:

"So God created man in his own image, the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. " 1 Do not. 1:27.

What now happens is thus yet another distortion of the creation which God created the norm. This is not without implications!

There is another area in which we want to shed light on where God's order now shaken. We think of it as in all times been the obvious – that it is the woman who gives birth. That this could be changed and distorted, it is probably no one would have thought, but in these last days, is a fact.

This is done through gender reassignment, which is becoming more common. When a woman decided to undergo a sex operation to become a man, and she-he, retain their uteri, she-he, thus still able to bear children.

Time Character

This way, you create a third sex, which means that "man" can give birth. Many believe then that it would be natural to sterilize "the man". Such a requirement would obviously result in strong protests, but that is when the natural replacement for unnatural. It means that you now also in this area affects the order of creation as God has ordained:

"To the woman he said,: "I will make your effort much when you become pregnant. But the pain you shall bring forth children. " 1 Genesis. 3:16.

We have only in recent years seen how to have broken down and changed the order which God established from the beginning. This can be seen as a rebellion against God, that you can not accept what He decreed. This will have consequences.

A judgment was in Noah's day,they wanted then not believe that something like this would happen. Even now wants to believe that a judgment will. Too late, it will discover how wrong this was, when tribulation judgment acts go over the earth, those described in Revelation. The time is unprecedented: Read what Jesus says in Matt. 24:21. Jesus' words are the seal of the world in its divine from facing states and their rebellion against their Creator, will meet this domstid. , in the same way, many in the last days recognize the seriousness of late, when tribulation has broken into.

Writing this is in no way to be doom, it is just to highlight what is written in God's Word. A smoothed preaching will characterize the end times. We are there now.

It is time to repent and turn to God before the day of grace ends and you stand there alone without God. The God who, in their limited minds and in their selfishness and pride,tried to explain away. The denial has no value on the day.

The attacks on marriage - Part 1 - Holger Nilsson

Holger Nilsson


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The attacks on marriages – Of 1 – Holger Nilsson

In our time, ongoing major attacks on marriages. Deepest, it is the enemy of God behind these.

The first thing God created the morning of creation, was marriage between man and woman: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. " 1 Genesis. 2:24.

In the Bible, we can see that God's enemy always wanted to destroy what God created and ordained. So it is with marriage.

Given that, it is quite natural, not least the Christian marriage is the focus of the devil attacks. He is God's child avsvurne enemy and all believers opponents. This comes in a special way to show through in these last times. A prophetic description in the Bible's last book:

"In his rage against the woman went kite away to make war with the remnant of her children, against those who obey God's commandments and hold fast to the testimony of Jesus. " Up. 12:17.

The dragon is the biblical term for the devil and the woman represents Israel. It is also mentioned those who hold the testimony of Jesus, and of course it is the faithful.

Thus we can see that in the last days it will be attacks against both OT:'s covenant people, Jews, as NT:s folk, Christians.

These attacks against God's elect two people, becoming increasingly evident in our time. One of the manifestations are just attacks on Christian marriage by the tools the devil uses to destroy marriages.

Ten years ago, we could describe such a case, and there are also other testimony. What we wrote about was a pastor wife's experience when she traveled by air. On the plane were served lunch when a woman sitting next to Pastor's wife says she should not have any food,because she fasts. The Christian woman become as interested and they start talking to each other. Then explain the other woman that she fasted on Wednesdays with a focus on Christian marriages would break. While others have illuminated how devil-worshipers pray and fast for Christian marriages to crumble. What we wrote about in No 2-2002.

God has also prophetically warned his people for these attacks. In the World Today 9 March writes Lars Nylen,leader of the organization Living Families, working to support families to avoid divorce:

"Living families began their work 1997, including after a prophetic word: 'It will wrap up at a wave of divorces over the Swedish Christian unity. `For 7-8 years ago, God spoke about a second wave – a wave of remarriages. The same people are now with new partners in worship in the same church. Christendom had low readiness to deal with the first wave and was even less prepared for the other. "End quote.

Now is the time to stand up and resist the devil's attacks on marriage! There is not a day to lose. A massive elevated spiritual readiness is what can prevent more divorces.

We believe that the most important thing is that faithful spouses pray together, take a daily time in prayer before the Lord, the transfer to Him and to each other.

Then you are not only two of the marriage, but three, Jesus Christ our savior and protector is in the center of the relationship. He wants to be there and it is a great blessing and strength to build their marriage in this way. 4:12:

"Where is the lone overcome, , two resist. And a triple-stranded wire does not break so easily. "

There are also studies that confirm that those who have a spiritual communion together have a better relationship in marriage. , stay together, observed:

"One of the results is clearly, is to couple in the home has activities such as prayer and Bible study together are more likely to have loving relationships. "

Prayer – the best insurance for a marriage.


Holger Nilsson


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Society sexfixering

It's very much sexfixering in our society today. If anyone is a virgin and not have sex it seems almost like it's a shame and something weird. It is as if some people believe that sex is redemptive.

Sex should be in the marriage between a man and a woman. When the bears the best fruit. Everything else is unsound and does not bear good fruit. Furthermore, a sin.

It just washed over sexbudskap against the little man today. I looked a bit on the index page of There was a lot of sex in which. I lists the links below. This is just one example. Expressen has a lot too about sex.

Do not fall for what the newspapers and media spew. Instead, take out what's right and pure sex is by studying the subject in the Bible. Moreover, for all people for Jesus. It is the right foundation and then every thing in life to be right and get the right place.


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New books on sex addiction

Two Christian books about men and sex addiction, this fall in Swedish. It can be seen as a sign of the times. The need of such literature are extremely. The pastor writes Torbjörn Freij currently reviewing books every man's struggle and my secret I.

This writes The World Today.

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When sex becomes a sin

Urklipp från Dagen. Bilden är från den moraliskt fallna filmen "Sex på kartan". Filmen är gjord för att förleda så många ungdomar som möjligt.
Clippings from Day. The picture is from the morally fallen movie “Sex on the map”. The film is made to entice as many people as possible.

Do you want to have sex? Then you wait until you marry someone of the opposite sex!

But if they can not live avhållsamt shall marry, because it is better to marry than to be inflamed with desire. (1 Corinthians 7:9)

Is it a sin to six? No.! But sex can be used as a sin. And pity it is about sex outside of marriage is between a man and woman.


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If six sin?

Sometimes blamed Christians because they would think that sex is a sin. But sex is not in itself a sin. There is something nice about it is where it should be used. Namely, in a marriage between a man and woman.

Sex is now over-exploited. The message from the world is that you can not be happy without sex. And any time you have sex without committing to any.

The truth is, that's when you're bound and you will not be happy because you inners inside know you've been scammed.

Sex is something nice and clean if it is used in the sanctity of marriage.

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Share Life – Whole Life by Lars-Göran & Christina Sundberg

Share Life – Whole Life

Publisher: Libris Förlag (in sweden)
ISBN: 9789171959799
Number of pages: 195

Sub-title of Living Life – Whole Life, are “Handbook of marriage on the way”.
The first time I came in contact with Paper was when my wife and I took a marriage course in which the above-mentioned book was part of the course material.

The book took very well to have on a marriage course as it covers a wide range of topics of marriage. Much emphasis is placed on communication, when it is so central to every relationship. Other topics covered are six, money and the influence of childhood. It is precisely this growing up affect a relationship more than you can sometimes guess. So much of our views and values ​​are actually inherited from our parents or our upbringing.

There are a whole bunch of books with similar themes and it can sometimes be difficult to know what you really should choose. This book works well as course material and I also think that you get the most out of it if you agree to read it as a couple. To sit down and read a chapter at a time is very good and gives a lot of the relationship.

I can definitely recommend the book to all couples, whether you have been married for life, or you are just married.

GRADE: 4 of 5

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